My best friend

She knows I've been dating a married man for the past 10 months, and although she disapproves of that fact, she's happy for me and happy that I'm loved and being so well cared for (he provides VERY well). But she doesn't know that the man I've been dating is her husband.

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  • So you are a horrible friend and also a w**** for him taking care of you. You truly are trash.

  • He loves me. And he loves me more than her. That doesn't make it wrong, and it doesn't make me trash.

  • I am friends with a girl that really really likes me. She calls and text me all the time. A friend of ours told me that she's really into me and that I need to ask her out. Only one problem, I'm f****** her mom. I know exactly how you feel. It's not the same situation, but still devastating news if my friend ever finds out.

  • I think you should not give up the mom. Not ever. Tell the mom what you were told -- that her daughter wants to hook up with you -- and see what she says about it. Maybe she'll be cool with it. Some women are. Is the mom married? Is she still married to the girl's father? Anyways, whatever you do, don't stop f****** the mom. Don't.

  • Women are indeed the most evil creatures to ever walk this planet. Thank you for confirming this.

  • LOL. That's so cute. But there's nothing evil about this relationship, or about either of us. We are doing what we were meant to be doing. It's hot. It's filthy. It's wonderful. It's love. My friend will never find out.

  • H*** awaits truly

  • God speed

  • THANK YOU! That's so very kind of you! Same to you!

  • Hahaha... what a back stabbing bitchh you are love it

  • No you misunderstood. I'm not GIVING it in the back. I'm TAKING it up the back. Sometimes. :) LOL

  • I'm having a girl on girl relationship with a friend. Our families get together and the men have no idea. None. So hot!

  • Oooooh, BAYBEE!!! That is super super SUPER sexy. Don't let it end. Keep it going.

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