I'm a s** addict. But, I'm afraid to tell anyone. Being a girl. I look like a s***. But its my only way to feel less lonely. Its starting to ruin relationships I could possibly have. 8 people in total, 5 this year. Half the boys only want some p**** and I want to be held after s**. Loved etc. But I never say no. I can't say no..


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  • I had a drug problem in high school and went through the same thing's., Counseling helps.

  • right there with ya girl

  • You should get a hold of a copy of Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen and read it. It's a fast read, and I suspect you'll find it oddly familiar... :)

  • I got a friend names hunter that wants to meet you, he'll be willing to hold you after the s**. (;

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