Attention deficit

I write confessions just so i can see how many people read them and comment. Most are true and i get upset when only a few read or comment. I do my best to read and comment on other confessions if it seems like someone needs an answer

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  • I'll bet you've also posted at least one "confession" whining like a betch about all the "trolls" on here... while using this space to get attention with your "mostly" (hah) true "confessions".

    Dumb sow!

  • Sorry I wasn't paying attention to what you said.....

  • thanks for wasting everyone's time then with cluttering up the place with a bunch of your own confessions...attention junkie

  • who the f*** cares how much one person confesses? you dont know who is who. and as long as they are real it shouldnt matter. some people have more secrets than others, thats just the way it goes. and the whole point of the confession was that they do not get any attention, but they want it. TO THE POSTER: you go ahead and post however many confessions you want and i will read them, even if i dont comment.

  • of course you'd read them all and be grateful for one attention w**** glutting up the place with clearly have nothing better to do. now shut the f***. up ! next time I want your opinion, I will smack it out of your a****** where it usually comes from !

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