Extremely Unfaithful

I have been married 19 years. I have had 1 affair that my wife knows about, that I confessed to her. I have had several people (yes women and men) than I have had s** with, or mutual masturbation over the years I have been married as well.

My wife is a good woman and mother, but she is not attractive to me at all. I do not want to leave her as she has been a stay at home mom and has done a good job with my kids, but I simply do not look at her with any sexual desire at all. Believe me, I have felt a lot of guilt over the years.

As it stands right now, I have not had s** with my wife for over 2 years now, and she never complains about it. She seems to be very happy where she is at in life.

I currently am having s** with 6 different women right now...yes I am a male s***. I am also interested in threesomes as well (MMW and WWM)....as s** is one of the few things in life that is extremely pleasurable to me...

The rest of my life consists of paying bills, working my ass off, and giving monetary and emotional support for my family.

I am an a******. Yes.

Sep 20, 2011

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  • It happens. I was married 3 months before met a hot. latino nurse and started having weekly s** with her, sometimes until the early hours of the morning before going home. Thing was, my now-ex wife (12 years) was never into s** and didn't like it, and, I was still a man with needs.

    I was good for most of the marriage, until her boozing and refusal to talk or work things out got to be too much. I had a cute, hot female business associate who I not only spent tons of time with, but, most people thought was my wife or gf anyway. One night, after a function, we had dinner, joked about that, and said..People think we're sleeping together anyway..Why don't we just have s** already?

    That kicked off months of regular, amazing s** with her, while I was getting shut out at home. By that point, being "faithful" meant nothing. I even met back up with the latino nurse, and had a stretch of picking up women at places I'd go myself.

  • well talk to your wife... if she hasnt had any s** in 2 years, then i betcha she's missing it right about now. and if you dont want to f*** eachother, then try an open relationship. after 2 years of no s**, she might be into it more than you think....

  • How about the fact that you could be spreading STDS, HPV, or even AIDS to your wife? Did you ever stop to think about that? She could die because of your selfishness and inability to tell the truth.

  • Uh, since they haven't had s** in two years the risk in pretty minimal.

  • Yes you are an a******. If you don't love her or not attracted to her then f****** leave her you disgusting p****. Why get married if your going to cheat? Your a dumb ass and your going to rot in h***. ADULTERY IS A SIN. BURN.

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