They say that the right people always come along at the wrong times in your life. F***, were they right. He's not flawless, by any means- but I care about him so much. I won't be so naive to say I love him, but christ, am I ever close. He's 38, a good 16 years over me. Not to mention he's half a world away. I told myself for the longest time that there was nothing to be found in internet relationships, until he decided to stroll right into my life 4 years ago. It's not like we met on a dating website or anything- it was a damned video game. He always treated me like one of the guys, and never made any sort of lewd comments. We've had these long talks into the night (which had to be absurdly late for him) on just about anything. I don't know, maybe I've latched onto him as a moral support beam. Didn't help that the j*** was funny and clever as h***. I always felt the aches of jealousy whenever he would talk about his past relationships. "I'd leap over the moon for you, if I were the same age," He'd tell me.

I need to think. Need to think hard.

Sep 20, 2011

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  • >>the right people always come along at the wrong times in your life.

    I'd hate to tell OP this, but he is always going to be 16 years older than them and will probably always live in another country. I can only hope the 9 years that have passed since it barfed up this teenage angst-fest have given it SOME basic sense. Or is it still a next-level drama hound, I wonder?

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