She is pure evil

Me and my brother used to be good friends . then one day he started going out with his new girlfriend . this didnt really bother me at all because he had girlfriends before and i always got on great with them . but that all changed when he started to go out with her . first it was only small things like a little snide remark here and there and im not one to get stressted over the little things so i let it go .

then she fell pregnant and everything changed . suddenly my brother isnt allowed to see his friends anymore he has to spend every waking minute with her . he has to quit smoking because she cant stand the smell of it . then she sends texts to one of his exs sisters telling her that she cant even look at him anymore because he is hers now !!

then she had the baby it was a little girl and she was a little sick so she was in hospital for a few weeks every day i would send her messages asking how she was with no reply . then she starts complaining that i didnt ask about her and i should have done it sooner . if that wasnt bad enough she has the cheek to tell one of my best friends that she shouldnt hang out with me anymore and that i need to make new friends . well that was the last straw for me i told her to stop very calmly and she completly blew up and said that i would be very sorry . she lied to my brother and turned him completly anganist me now its been a year and a half we dont talk anymore and probably never will again thanks to her . PURE EVIL !

i even tried to make things right by apologizing to her ! after everything she did to me . but of course that horrible girl just threw it back in my face . i hate her for stealing my brother away from me and ruining our relationship forever . i mean what kind of cold heartless b**** does that to someone ?

Sep 23, 2011

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  • yeah it sucks to be in this situation but i think i just have to accept that she has a hold over him . maybe one day he will realise . il always be here for him anyway he is my brother . i guess i just have to let it work itself out

  • Wow that makes me mad because of what you tried to do to contact the girl. I wish you the best of luck !

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