Things change

I feel as though i have changed..i dont feel like i am the same person i use to be. i use to be completly obsessed with what other people thought of me and not i dont care at all. i feel as though people will either like me for who i am or they wont like me at all. i feel as though by my thoughts changing, it has changed the way i talk with my friends. i feel as though i have lost some friendship over my changes. i think that the main reason for breaking up with my boyfriend was because i have changed and i just didnt seem to fit with him anymore. i thought i loved him with every part of my heart but it seems as though now he may not even be my friend. i may have lost on of the most loyal people that was in my life. i feel as though i changed and he didnt fit in my life anymore....i was going down a different path than he was and it just didnt seem to me like it was going to work out anymore...i dont think that i did a wrong thing by ending it with him but so many people tell me that i did...i dont know what i should think..i feel like my life is less stressed now that i am single, i feel like the relationship was causing me more stress than anything...maybe it was me the whole time, maybe it was me that wasnt ready for a relationship so thats why things didnt work...i feel like im so young that i may not have what it takes to keep a realationship going right now but im sure that when the time comes i will have found a great guy that will love me and i will love him....i guess maybe right now i am so consentrated on school work and trying to get into college that i just didnt have time for the it normal to just not have time for your partner and things not work out because of it??

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