Something to get off of my chest . . .

I just need to get this out of my chest . Here it goes .

We've been friends for 5 years . You're my bestfriend and the only friend that I really care about . For me, you are more than a friend and more like a family member . I can never get mad at you, no matter what you do . I love you and I accept you for who you are . You're a bisexual and i'm okay with that . Though sometimes I feel so left out whenever i'm with you, I still stick by your side . I am never as smart/beautiful/talented/popular compared to you . Yes, you're popular and i'm just a nobody . I look like a nerd but you're so stunning . Many guys fall for you, even girls . Still, I dont care . I only care about our friendship , I even promised myself to take care of you till my last breath . we were so close but everything changes this year . You found someone new . She's a new student and let just say you and her become more than a friend . You spend more time with her and I get the feeling that you have forgotten about me . I feel like i'm not needed . Days go by and we dont even talk to each other anymore . And what hurts the most is knowing that we're classmates . I see you everyday, happy with her . Sometimes, I forget that you and I are bestfriends . Still, I love you and I care about you . Honestly, I cried everynight just because of this . It's not that I never tried to talk to you but whenever I see you laughing with her, I feel like I shouldnt bother you guys . Beside, you two always stick together . Never once I see you left her side . No, I never blame her nor you but I blame myself for being such a loser . For never having the guts to tell you how I feel . the other day, I said that the word bye is for you , maybe it hurts you but it was not for you but for me . Why? Because i'm saying bye to 'me' who used to cry about our friendship everynight . I'm finally able to move on and say i'm ok with things now . I dont have to lie to myself anymore . Finally, i'm okay . Thanks to God . Well I wont let myself be emotionally attached to anyone anymore cause I know how it fuxking hurts when they leave you . Still, i'll care about you just like i've promised myself . And i'm here whenever you need a friend . I'll care, help you, giving you advices, anything, but I wont let myself be emotionally attached to you anymore . I hope you'll be happy with her . Good luck in your life . No, I never leave you . Remember me . :)

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  • dude, relax, life is like that. you'll look back years from now laugh about it. we go thru stages of life just like our brain go thru stages. years from now when you're brain is mature enough, you won't even care that much anymore. you're right it only hurts because too much emotion is involve, and that emotions multiplies what may seemed nothing years from now because you'll understand better. but it doesn't mean you'll stop being friends.

  • It's so hard losing a best friend. I went through that a few years ago and shed more than a few tears over it. My mom once told me that friends are in your life for the time that they are needed and then they move on. It can hurt, but you will eventually move on and find a new best friend. Good luck!! Don't look down on yourself, you seem like a beautiful person!!

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