Just tell the truth

That i still love and want to know why you did what you did. you knew i was completely in love with you. you know that you shouldnt of done what you did because you are 34 years older than me. now everything is s***. i still love you and i dont know why, your a b******. your not classically handsome, your a gimp. yet i want you still. we never got to do the things we wanted to do cause we got found out. you smiled at me even though id just been selling you out. but you know i didnt want to. you know the hold you have on me. she said you never loved me. then why the h*** did you do? all i want to know is why you did what you did? just to play some stupid game, to achieve some sexual fantasy you had. or because you actually cared. i can argue both sides to myself but i want you to tell me. i want to talk to you. in the lowest moment i just want you to hug me. i want you to make me laugh. i think im depressed. i can laugh still but you ripped me to pieces. you know this, i wish i could talk to you without getting in trouble. i guess if you had loved me you would of tried to contact me. but you didnt. the amount of times i have cried over you. i bet you havent cried once. i just want to know whats going through your head, what were you thinking?! what did you feel afterwards? cause i was torn up. i still am. i want to have s** with you, hoping that this will let me move on. i think about finding you when im older. but i wouldnt know what your reaction would be. i want to see you again. i miss you. i dont even know why. cause lets face it you are useless. you were never there for me. we used to argue all the time. but i loved you more than anything. i was obsessed with you. and im not being funny but its not my fault, im not trying to punish you. you know that. admit that we kissed. admit that you held me. admit you touched me. admit that you know exactly what you did to me. help me. i want to know the truth.

Sep 27, 2011

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  • When you have s** with someone, you create what is called a "soul tie". That means essentially, you and that person become one flesh (that's why God says to abstain from fornication [s** before marriage - marriage to the opposite s** by the way]. Every person you have s** with creates a soul tie. Women feel these more than men. BUT, men can feel them too. Imagine if you are trying to deal with the emotions of you and your husband, and then, to add to the mix, every other person that you and your husband have had s** with! Confusion!! The reason you have feelings for this man, is because you have a soul tie with him, because of the s**. So how do you get rid of the soul tie? Only one way. Ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to forgive you of all your sins, and to break the soul ties that you have created since you first began having s**. Then ask Him to take control of your life, and turn you in the direction of Heaven, and away from H*** (a real place by the way). If you know of a Bible-believing church in your area, GO TO IT.
    Get involved in a Bible study, and find people who will lift you up, instead of dragging you down. Don't expect these people to be perfect - they're like you and me. Many faults, God is still working on us. If you don't know of a Bible-believing church with people you can trust, then phone
    a ministry like the 700 club and ask them for a reference.
    Good luck and God bless you honey - you're young, and you have much to live for. We all make mistakes, and we all have sinned, but God has promised us eternal life if we trust Jesus and obey Him. If you need more info, let me know; everything will be alright if you trust Jesus.

  • You sound like you are underage (18) and this man is a pedophile who took advantage of you. There's no feelings, your just young and this guy took advantage of that. He has issues and you need to just forget about it and move on. Having s** with him or finding him later in life is not going to bring you any closure. There doesn't need to be any closure, you need to stay away from him. You're parents are probably worried sick and I can't imagine how they felt.

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