I have the strangest sexual fetish

Having this odd fetish...Ive been seeing this guy for months, and I love it when he punch, probe, or press extremely hard in my belly. At first he thought it was odd, and then he began to really get into it. He would have me wear a very tight belt until my lower belly would bulge with displaced guts and punch me right in my intestines. I cant say I dont enjoy every minute of this. I love it, I have o****** from the pain and pressure in my belly. I know this is odd and there is no boundaries we arent willing to cross. When my guts begin to gurgle he press all of his weight in my belly until I feel my intestines moving beneath the pressure. I cant stop this strange behavior.

Sep 27, 2011

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  • I do not think you are TOO abnormal, although the punching part on your stomach might be. Just pressing hard into the intestines will not harm you, no matter how deeply your boyfriend presses in. The intestines just move around in response. Even a very heavy weight pushing into the abdomen cannot really cause any damage. For instance, some men & women like very heavy people of 3 or 4 hundred pounds to stand on their stomachs. The intestines are compressed but not harmed. Its just an odd behavior-not dangerous.

  • Done this with/to my older sister many times; She has a concave, deep, oval innie navel tummy, and loves having her midsection squeezed, pressed, poked, and generally handled rough.

  • Does she do this with a tight belt?

  • My mother never hugged me, perhaps that is how I substituted pulling a belt up tight around my waist. I find it enormously erotic, to have my belly bulging. Opportunity shops have all sorts of belts. A strong but soft belt is ideal. At first just pull it up a few notches over firm so it is comfortable. The tighter the more pressure and stimulation and arousal. And yes even gently thumping this bulge with a closed fist gives further stimulation during masturbation.

    How ever I finding information and material on this virtually non existent.

  • For some reason it just seems ignored by the mainstream

  • My older teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. She often did this openly right out in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody (including probably her) ever recognized. But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention to the peculiar way she was holding my stomach in.

    This led to me getting my babysitter to hold me on her lap the same way, only with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach much, MUCH tighter. So tight it felt like she was going to snap me in two. She was a big brawny farmgirl, and I think she just innocently found this a simple way to keep me entertained, and keep me silent and still whenever she was watching TV. I loved it, though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange way she held my stomach back in so excruciatingly tight, lol!

  • Heard your story a few times - like it.

  • Yes I had a girlfriend who had a belly and navel fetish. She would always make me do things to satisfy her fetish. Her body was curvy, soft, and very feminine. I was very attracted to her body so I liked doing what she asked me to do. She would relax her stomach and make me push my hand into her relaxed soft abdomen as deep as I could while we both watched. It turned us on when we watched my hand sink deep into her soft belly. She also had a female belly punching fetish. It sexually turned her on to watch a woman double way over with pain in her stomach. She liked to act like she had major pain in her stomach in front of other girls. She would say, "OOOHHH my stomach", then bend way over holding her belly right in front of other attractive women. Just so they would watch her hold her stomach and bend way over making oooohhhh moans. In the spring and summer she would dress so her whole abdomen and navel were exposed. Her summer shirt rolled way up and a pair of shorts on with the zipper all the way down and unbuttoned. She would wear a bikini bottom under the wide open shorts. She would walk up to other women and start a conversation while dressed that way. I noticed that some of these women became really sexually turned on by her stomach and bellybutton. I watched the girls facial expressions while she talked to them and noticed the girls eyes bulging out and going cross eyed, and her lips puckering outward at the same time like they were saying "OOOHHHH her belly is so sexy soft and I am so turned on". My girlfriend would always remind me to hit a woman deep in the stomach if I wanted to see an attractive woman bend way over holding her belly. When we went to the beach in the summer she would wear a skimpy bikini. We would walk on the beach and my girlfriend would look at female bellies all day. She would say to me, "Oh I would love to go way into that girls abdomen with my fist and watch her bend way over and go OOOOHHH"! She really turned me on to belly play.

  • Yeah - it's a variant of belting, corseting, tying or otherwise squishing your waist. I've got it; I've dated girls that had it *bad*, too... for all I know you're one of them.

    You're putting pressure on your reproductive organs, and getting a bit of oxygen deprivation. The o****** are a real fireworks show, right? On a bright note, that super-curvy look is *very* hot.

  • I've since figured out that you're compressing your vargus nerve, which is part of your parasympathetic nervous system. I think that's why it's relaxing and stimulating. I eventually tried corseting myself. Holy s***, it's addictive.

    Ever girl I've dated since then likes a little waist pressure during s**. Pop! Near instant o*****. It's a neat trick.

  • I wish I'd had a girlfriend that "had it bad". A tight belt on a slim girl is so erotic.

  • My Ex loved to have her belly pushed in like you said. She was a little heavy and she also liked it when I wold pull and squeeze her belly fat while we f*****. Is was a weird turn on for me too.

  • Wow this is strange, having my insides pressed on doesnt sound pleasurable. Seems horrible. I get queezy thinking of it. Geesh the things people do to have an o*****.

  • Could I f*** while pressing your guts in? How deep can your stomach handle. If I can get past your intestines I would push all the way to your spine and then push my fist deep to your core. Your guts probably have serious damage once Im done. You would s*** blood.

  • Please comment! No matter how harsh or brutal, I just want to know others opinion. And yes I am very attractive.

  • I wrote you a long comment that is all true. I hope you find it interesting. I never knew how sexy hot a belly fetish was until I started going out with my ex-girlfriend. She had a female belly fetish and turned me on to it right away. It really is very sensual and an extreme sexual turn on. But I have never punched an attractive girl in the stomach. Have you ever punched another girl in the stomach and knocked the wind right out of her? Or has that ever happened to you? I do find that to be a sexy turn on but it's a fantasy that would be very risky to make reality. Let me know what your thoughts on this. Thanks

  • A few years ago my husband pushed on my stomach during s**, it was really pleasurable so we started incorporating it into our s** lives.
    We started with putting pillows across my midsection as he mounted me missionary, it’s such a satisfying feeling.
    Last night I was on the side of the bed with my hips over the edge, as he entered me standing on the side of the bed so locked my legs around his waist giving his big hand free range and access to my flat belly, he pushed deeper than he ever had before, he also commented that he could feel his p**** as he pushed inside of me, it was a very climatic night.
    I have to admit that my fantasy is to have a woman sit on my stomach while he makes love to me.

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