I have a strange and bizarre fetish

Ive been seeing this guy for months, and I finally expressed my need for him to punch, press, and probe my belly. At first he was skeptical, but I love the pain. Ive worn belts so tight where my lower belly bulge from my displaced guts and he would punch my lower belly where my intestines are bulging. And I love it. I know its strange but I climax so hard when he is in my belly. Even when my belly begin to gurgle and make noises would press extremely hard and hold the pressure there until my insides shift away from the pressure. I know its a strange thing to do. I just wonder is it too much and should I stop it, but I love the feelings when he's pressed deep in my stomach.

Sep 27, 2011

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  • I don't think that's so strange at all.

    When I was a boy, my older teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. We never talked about it, we just did it all the time, so I have no idea how or why this practice got started.

    My cousin often held me this way openly in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody (including probably her) ever recognized. I sometimes worried someone might get horrified if they noticed the weird abnormal way she was holding my stomach in. But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention even when she was holding my stomach in two inches deep right out in front of everyone.

    This led to me asking my babysitter, a big brawny farmgirl, to hold me on her lap with her hands sunk back into my stomach "just as tight as you can." I think she found this a simple way to keep me entertained, and also to keep me conveniently immobilized and out of mischief. So whenever she came over to babysit she would hold my stomach all the way back in, excruciatingly white-hot ULTRA-tight, while we watched TV. I would sit there silent and still, locked on her lap and unable to go anywhere even if I tried.

    I cannot possibly exaggerate just how freaking TIGHT this huge farmgirl always held my stomach in... just about as absolutely tight as was physically possible. I don't think it could have gotten any tighter. And I loved it! Though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange way she held me.

  • Shall you allow a man to sit on your tummy with full weight for a long time. Do you like it.

  • I would love to press in your belly. I bet when your belly bulge your intestines gurgle loud. Hmmmm

  • Would you let a stranger push in your belly? I would love to feel your guts moving under my fist. And to hear your intestines gurgling would be great.

  • Yes, I would. I love the pain.

  • Are you here ?

  • I would pound your guts until you puked! Turn your insides into mush.

  • Thanks friendsnlove, it is different and I know it may cause damage in the long run, but I dont care. I love it.

  • titty ass sawgger peace out mudda fuckas

    5alood shimmery ul ga7bo il manyooch :*

  • I say whatever floats your boat. I mean its super weird but I'm sure your not the only person thats into this. Theres probably other people that are into it but just have never had the guts to admit. I think you should be careful though. It sounds like it could do some damage to you in the long run.

  • my opinion is this is the stupidest confession I have read yet and you are some kind of freak attention w****.

  • Thanks, but its not me seeking attention. This is what I enjoy. Sorry if its the dumbest thing you've ever heard of. Maybe you should get out more, because Ive seen and heard much worse. I appreciate your opinion though

  • Please feel free to comment. Be honest, I would like to know everyone's opinion. By the way...Im 5'5, 135lbs, long brown hair and brown eyes. Im a 34dd 28 36, if that help you comment.

  • Yes, Ive passed gas a few times.

  • Lol have ever farted on accident. Haaa I'm sure you have lol

  • I know how weird this is...guess I feel better talking about it.

  • No its very very very hot . but im sure you're very submissive if you're a woman getting your belly pressed .

  • It's not weird

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