Satan said dance.

If I believed in that sort of thing, I would sell my soul to Lucifer himself to be skinny and pretty and sexy.

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  • You have no sense of life and I feel sorry for you. Your eyes are blinded. I'm going to worship God forever and be with him for eternity in bliss. The frame of man is composed of two parts, body and soul. The first as mean and perishable should be rendered subservient to the last. Your pleasures may gratify the mortal, but they injure the
    immortal part; that cannot therefore be enjoying life which destroys the
    most valuable moiety of your frame. Your pleasures lead to eternal death,
    and our pains to perpetual happiness.

  • Jesus has all power over heaven and earth and evil flees from him. The devil, demons, evil men, they are all ants among the vast universe that was created by Jesus Christ by whom all things were made by and for and sustained by. Evil is arrogance mixed with stupidity. The Lord of all is not subject to anyone, it's either you accept what he did for you because he loved you so much, or you die in your sins and live in eternal torment with no comfort and no happiness or peace because the very one you are rejecting is the only one who can give you those things. Without Jesus Christ there is nothing good.

  • You saw all that as blah, blah, blah crap for the weak, right? Damn right. Now, let's talk about that soul. Giving it up will be the best decision you ever made. Life and afterlife will be much more exciting. Do you want to be on your knees in church or have men on their knees begging to get with you?

  • Renounce what you have said - you are treading dangerous waters. Ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to guide and lead your life, and to forgive you for your sins. He can accomplish anything. "The blessing of the Lord maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it"

  • That Nazareth dude doesn't give a s*** about you. Yes, come to the dark side and I will ravage you in ways that make you scream for more.

  • wow 70 years on earth just look hot for a entirety h*** no way!!!!

  • me too.

  • I am not interested in your soul but I might give your plumb little body a ride.

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