How do I

Get my wife to f*** me with a strap-on?

I'm bi(she doesn't know that)and have had a*** with guys, but I so want a woman to take the lead and f*** my ass real good. From what I've seen/read on-line it seems that plenty of women are turned on by the idea of doing this?

Sep 29, 2011

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  • Just ask her, dude.

  • Why not just start by having her use her finger while you're f****** or she's giving you head. Tell her you want to try it. Then tell her how much you enjoy it and casually work toward the strap-on.

    Like this.

    Her: "Honey, would you regrout the bathroom tiles, they're looking nasty?"
    You: "Sure, I'll need to pick up some materials at the hardware store. Anything else I can get while I'm out? Barbecue tongs? A bag of Oreos? Maybe a black 12-inch strap-on d*** you can use to ream my b**** ass with?"
    Her: "Oreos sound nice."

  • Thats a hard one. I mean its super f***** up that your Bi and you didn't tell her. Some woman aren't into being with a man that has been with another man. She could be into it or completely disgusted. N I think thats like the sickest thing to have a woman strap a d**** on and f*** a man in the ass. Thats twisted is it gay or is it straight.. lol a little but of both. Honesty is Key stop hiding things and always be honest now your just gonna look like a d*********.

  • why would u not tell her ur bi BEFORE u r married. its kind of like lying u know? and it would have mmade this easier. i dont know. ive always been real honest about my s** wants and needs so i dont know how to come back from a lie. be honest is my best advice. i usually broach the topic by asaking if there is anything he/she wants to try

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