My School Is A Lie

My school is a lie that's all I really have to say. My school covers up scandals, doesn't do s*** about harassment or bulling here and in the past 3 years a students have been committing. The number is now at 7. Yet my school still covers it up and says it didn't happen. On my crews men year of high school my boyfriend (star football player 9th grade, black, 6'2, 295) ended up raping me and it went all around school. People begun calling me a fake, lie, s*** and w****. I was devastated. I was harassed, bullied, spit on, called names you name it. When I found I was pregnant from my rape it got even more harassed and then got shampoo poured on my head and the bottle slammed down on my head to. The school did not call my parents or even do anything. The just covered it up and when I told my parents they cover up the whole thing by say, I was the one who pour shampoo on someone else and suspended me. (Note I straighten my hair everyday and I had to wash the shampoo out of my hair and it was on my cloths and had a very strong odor to go with it, they even have camera proof of the incident). It's now my junior year of high school and I am still getting harassed and bullied. My friend committed suicide over the summer. My grades are all failing and at this point I am so stressed because I now have a daughter at home and a rumor began going around that it was my rapist (ex boyfriends) with it is his and well everyone still calls me a lie and yesterday I got in trouble for the rumors and stuff ppl were saying. His homeroom teacher called me out of class and said to my face "that's not his kid stop these romurs or you'll be sorry" I didn't even want to fight back at what she said so I just said okay. I know the truth and who my daughters father is cause Ive never had s** before and my rape was the closest I've ever come to it. My ex to this day still calls my phone asking about his daughter and I have proof of everything. It makes me sick to my stomach. Yet my school still covers up everything.

Sep 29, 2011

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  • Collect as much physical evidence as you can. Phone calls, recordings, even DNA tests. Gather as much as you can and then release it to authorities along with your story. If you get no response, send it again. Move on to state authorities and/or fed authorities until someone does something about it. If none of that works, you can release it online to protection services and organizations.
    If the school won't fix it, find someone who will because this is some f***** up s*** that needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Your school sucks... Can't you start a petition or something??

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