My Daughter

I am a teen mom at age 17 and on my junior year of high school.

I became pregnant my freshman year after I started dating a really nice guy (So I thought)

So when i told my guy i was pregnant he pulled the "Its not mine" card and walked away not caring

He made my life ** after that

His many girls that were his friends became aggressive to me and eventually I got shampoo pour on my head and then the bottle slammed against my head during lunch

My school did nothing to punish the group of girls

school finished up and I was 4 months till I was due

My pregnancy was not a normal one doctors said

I was going to give birth to a premature baby

a months till I was due i went into early labor

My daughter came into the world but could not breath on her own

Doctors said they was not going to be any hope for her

My daughter was put on a machine to help her breath

5 months later she proved doctors wrong by breathing on her own

In those 5 months her father has been asking and receiving picture promising to be in her life

Now fast forward to today

Not once has he met his daughter

He tells people at school that i am a liar and crazy

I walk down my school hallways holding my head up high

someday's I feel like standing up in the middle of the class and saying life ins't always what you expect it to be

Before i became pregnant I was a wild child

I drinked, partied and had fun all the time

Now a days Its about my daughter who is now 1 years old

She calls my best friend Jerome daddy because he filled in the shoes of her dad

And every time I look at her I see the guy that isn't in her life and smile at the fact that she's still a beautiful girl with her whole life ahead of her not going to have to see her dads worse/fake self that everyone calls him

Looking at her I don't regret becoming pregnant in my teen years

My daughter is a fighter, shes strong, beautiful and the best thing in my life and I would never change what I have in a million years

I love you baby girl <3

Sep 21, 2011

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  • What a beautiful message!

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