I hate men

I'm a pre-op transman and I'm sick of living as a woman but I hate men. Loathe and despise men, because they're allowed to f*** you in the ass without lubricant and then get mad at you for not having an o*****, they're allowed to yell obscene things about your b****** (which don't even feel like they're attached to you) in public, and no one does or says anything or even implies that this type of behavior is disgusting. I hope they all collectively die in a puddle of their own vomit, but I know it's a digusting thought. I hope I'm the one to do it. I would love to cut off a "normal" guy's c*** with no consequences. Oh, you can still feel it there, but it's not? That sucks. I think about finding some random guy, beating the living f*** out of him, cutting off his c*** and making him take female hormones for the rest of his life. Let him live as a female, with every man in his immediate area drooling over his freakish woman's body and touching it without permission, yelling at him, emasculating him constantly. Oh, you got raped? Maybe you shouldn't be wearing what you're wearing. Maybe you didn't keep a good enough eye out. Maybe you misjudged him. The truth is every woman misjudges every man, because trusting a man with a c*** is exactly like trusting someone who has lived an entire life of privilege and entitlement, it's exactly like trusting someone who has been taught that human emotion is for the weak only, its like trusting someone who was taught to believe that you are less than him simply because of your s**. I read a news report about a man who got raped in prison. The inmates made him dress in drag and called him "she." I laughed my f****** ass off. That’s called karma, w****. You'd better have an o*****. Remember to thank him for f****** you.

The sad thing is I know how sick it is to hate other men this much. I'm sexually attracted to guys, but because of my expirence as a female I could never ever ever trust one.

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  • was there a father in the home you grew up in?

  • You hate men so you became one?

  • Yeah, wtf? You hate dudes and wake up one day saying "I want a d*** now"?

  • Yeah but... you're a dude.

  • I freaking love this post.

  • Wherever you're living and whomever you're associating with has you in a f***** up place. Your anger needs to be directed more specifically rather than at an entire gender.

  • Bitter, party of one? Your table is ready.

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