You'll never know the extent of my love for you. How much I care and think about you. The number of times I wake up in the middle of the night because of you. I'll never tell you, because I need you to move on.

I can't give you what you need or want and you deserve so much more. I feel guilty each and every time we speak, knowing you will never let another person in as long as I still keep talking to you.

I hate what I've done and I feel responsible for how you feel. I try so hard to ignore you hoping you can forget about me, but it's just so ** hard. All I want is for you to be happy and I know you'll be so much more happier with someone else.

I want to just shake you hard and make you move on, introduce you to nice people 10 times better than I'll ever be. Watch you smile, knowing it's not bittersweet. Knowing you're not smiling for me anymore with the knowledge that we will never be together, because we can't.

All I want is the best for you; so I'll muster all my energy to cut all ties, let you hate me/ forget me, because I love you.

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  • true love don't just take the one who patiently wait for them or love them or want them or simply just like. true love will take when both of them are inlove. fake love will take when both of them are in need. do you love me because you need me?fake love or do you need me because you love me? true love

  • most people ends up with the one they don't really love, it's for necessarily needs only. one thing they are always afraid is to fight for true love even it take sacrifices. that's why others end up with the easy one okay. what is true love for? if fake love comes anyway?for fake love is a money down, and true love is priceless. true love is to die for and fake love is for the dead!

  • true love really **!
    and fake love really rocks?
    ** stupid!

  • sorry, can't seem to reply directly to people.

    I didn't mean to, none of us did. We just started falling for each other, hard and fast. Before I could stop I was already horrible invested into her. Now I want to stop, for her sake and it's so ** hard. I can't because well I'm being a selfish **.

    You think I should try? How would it even work? I feel useless even now not being there for her. I'll feel worse if we were going out properly. Trust me, I want to. She feels like my other half, but don't you think she deserves more?

    I know theres this guy who likes her, and he sounds pretty decent. He has liked her way longer than I have and I'm sure a guy who's that patient can't be half bad.

  • Dont u at least want to try to be in a relationship with her? try to work things out? I mean, what if she's ur soulmate, ur other half? Nothing in this life is easy, we have to make sacrifices to achieve what we want. but if that's what u want so be it. Not gonna judge u cause I have been through the same situation. And I regret it for letting her go away. Yes, it ** hurts. I cried everynight as I think of her. U know what kills me the most? Knowing that I never tried. I still have feelings for her but she's out with other guy. Though we never speak to each other anymore, I still ask her friends how is she doing and what's happening in her life. Guess what, she never is happy with her current bf. They said he treats her like a trash. Not sure if that's really true but if I were him I know i'll treat her like a queen. I regret it for pushing her away.

  • We can't be together because I just started uni on the other side of the world. She's never been in a relationship, let alone a long distance one. I really don't want her first to be as ** as this.

    I don't care what people say but the physical closeness is important, it validates the emotional and mental. Something I can't give her. She's too sweet and amazing to be stuck in this crappy situation, that I'm desperately trying to get her out of.

    I honestly rather see her happy with someone else, then see her smile right now when we speak. I'm not saying it won't hurt, but I know it's better to follow my head than my heart in this case.

    And I for sure do not want her to wait for me. That's not going to happen.

  • if you didn't want her to end up feeling bad and hating you because you cut ties and really wound her, then why did you start things up with her at all???

  • I dont get it. Why do u have to push him away? Dont u think u'll regret it later? Letting go of someone is never easy but whats the point of letting him go if u both love each other? I'm not gonna judge u, I just want to know why u want to cut all ties with him. if I was him, I want to hear explanations from u. Someone like him may be hard to find. So think twice before u make a decision. Both parties will get hurt if u choose to end ur relationship just like that.

  • No you don't. You enjoy holding him prisoner. You wouldn't dare let him go cause inside you know how much it'll hyrt you to see him with another woman. Deep inside you enjoy leading him on as it gives you a sense of power. But the day will come when he does move on then where will you be?

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