Im a filthy man beater ive lost my mind

Do you know what it's like to live day by day knowing but refusing to accept the one you took for granted is gone forever. We may as well be on other ends of the Earth but yet 10 minutes away. The way I've physically disrespected you I can never take back. Allll this time of believing it's badass being a female beating up men is bullshit!! Look where it's gotten me. Regretful and without you. It's hard to look at me I'm a monster. Now I'll be the one going without and losing out I can't do this!!! At this point I'd rather you tell me how much I'm a b**** every single day than for you to not speak to me at all. What does this mean for me. How will I forgive myself. Please if you guys feel this let me know. I don't know what the future hold but I hope it's not severe depression like I think it will. How can one live life knowing they've done the most f***** up thing to another person. I never knew how bad domestic violence could make the attacker feel now that I'm one. Help. I don't know how I'll get through each day. I need help. F*** my life. I'm just a spoiled b**** used to getting my way and that attitude has cost me everything ...

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  • "Love is the only answer. Hate is the root of cancer". This is a line from a song by Yes titled "Then". You'll need to come to terms with this spiritual equation or else your life will have no meaning. I've been beaten by a woman and I'll never let it happen again. "Love is the only answer." Think about it and think about it real hard. You must either find a way to live by this Godly rule or else you'll invite Satin's hellish wrath. It's your choice to make and it's your choice to live by, or not to live by. Choose wisely...................

  • Suggestion: start anew, and this time don't be a man beater,
    2nd suggestion: apologize, and hope for the best

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