sometimes i close my eyes and see myself committing suicide... it's not so much the thought, but the knowing that if I ever held the gun at the "right" time, i would have nothing to hold me back. I wouldn't give it a second, because i know that in a second i'd have doubts, so once in my hand, i'd just put up there and... bang. I'm not normal. If you knew me, or the person i've made people to believe i am, and then heard me say this with the truth in it i feel, you'd doubt every knowing me and say "something's wrong, you are not normal."

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  • Life is tough. Very tough at times. Go ahead and take the easy way out coward. It will save you and others from drowning in your pathetic self pitty. Then you can miss out on the good parts that life has to offer, that are not free, because you have to also endure the bad. You weak pathetic coward.

  • OP, I'm not thrilled with you, because you are making me agree with the troll above me.

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