That old man made me do it

Ok i was a 22 yo guy and all, and you wouldthink i had some stones but i didnt.. so when the old man who was 50 invited me in his trailer mobile home i froze when he put on **, when he stood behind me beating his ** hoping i would turn around, i sat frozen when he sat next to me and when he rubbed my leg.. when he unzipped me .. the only point i unfroze was when i got horney enough and i lifted my ** so he could take off my pants.. i think iwanted this all along.. like i must have been asking for it.. so it was my fault for letting it happen .. for wanting it..

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  • Some of the sane comments are right on. You're too young to burden yourself with guilt. **, well for most guys, is just satisfying a need. Just because we live in a nation where a lot of people have severe hang ups about **, especially ** that isn't just exactly to there tastes. Or we have the opposite kind who do nothing but ** around all the time. Ignore them make your own thoughts come first. The guilt trips people put on other human beings and themselves are sick. Forget that **. It will make you miserable. ** is no more than biology. If it feels good enjoy it. And maybe someday you'll find someone you love. That passion jumps ** to a whole different level. And if you're lucky it will grow to an even deeper level beyond **. And that is the most rewarding gift life has to offer. Hang in there, have fun, be considerate to yourself and others. Then you'll have life by the **!

  • 328 views and NO other comments ?? wtf ?? chickenshits. You all know you would have done the same. Sometimes when you're **, it doesn't matter WHO ** you or whom you **... you know it's true !!!

  • If you were 22 and it went down like you described you had ** with an older man, nothing more or less. There's no "fault" here, other than you seem to regret it.

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