I would love to be sat on by a handsome guy

I'm a girl and I have kind of weird wish. I want to be sat on by a handsome guy. I don't know why, but I think that it is an extremely pleasant and thrilling feeling to be sat on. I want a guy to sit on my back and to bounce and wiggle from time to time. And he should be heavier than me, not because of fat, but because of muscles or something. I want to feel helpless under him. Oh, it's so embarrassing, but I really want it!

First time I understood that I wanted to be sat on was long ago, when I was only ten. Now I'm nineteen and I still have such a wish. I hope that one day it will come true.

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  • I will sit on you back and w*** and s**** all over you

  • Pick me.
    Middle aged man.
    Oh yea that probably defines me as a creap or something.

    I Remeber as a kid playing cowboys and indian type games. Where someone would be tied up and either marched around or rescued. There were lots of variations. I enjoyed both the tieing up role and the being tied up role. Boys and girls both played it. It was before puberty so less sexual connotations than it would have had we been older.

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