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Before I confess, I want to say that I'm not a 14 year old girl or anything like that. I only want comments from a mature point of view.

So this past summer I hooked up with a guy. It was brief and I thought that was it, but the other day he asked for my number and said he wanted to get close again and pick up where we left off (if ya know what I mean). Of course I was all for it. We've just been texting and chatting on the phone because unfortunately I've been sick. He told me that right now he has a girl, but he is thinking about dumping her because she's hiding s*** from him. So to me, the relationship is over. Since then I've sent him revealing pictures, flirted, and talked dirty with him over text because I'm too sick to see anyone. I'm planning to take another picture tonight to send to him, but now I'm starting to feel guilty because we also plan to hook up as soon as I'm no longer ill and he still has a girlfriend. I feel horrible being the one he cheats on her with. I'm afraid that if I confront him and tell him to stop talking to me because he has a girlfriend he will continue to not speak to me after he breaks up with her. So should I continue to talk to him and flirt with him or risk losing the relationship altogether?

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  • this is one of those classic traps that broads fall for over and over again since the beginning of civilization, worst part about it is, its one of those things where if you have to ask, your in trouble, cuz you already know what you should do, you should dump the dirtbag. but ofcourse for you its different, we don't know him like you do, so no matter what I or anyone else says your gonna fall through the same trap that countless women have before, just even the way you talk, says your working for the relationship, and the main reason he's not gonna leave his girlfriend for you, is simple mathematics, why would he only bang one broad, when he could be banging two?

  • Sometimes when it comes to s*** like that the guy lies about what is really going on and omits stuff. It isn't set in stone that he will cheat again although from a cheater perspective I can say that it is much harder to stop once you start. And I hooked up with someone who had a relationship and he did not want to leave so don't be suprised if he oges back to her.

  • If he cheats on her, he will cheat on you!

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