I know I keep posting on here, its because I don't have your number anymore. I'm sorry for everything. I just want you to know that. We cant be friends ever agian, I wish that wasn't how it was but it's how it has to be. I miss you, almost everyday. It's getting better now. Almost been a year. I opened up a composition book today. I had a flashback. It's strange to think about my life this time, last year. So much has changed since then. And things will always continue to change. I hope that you have changed too. I hope your happier, laugh more, have more friends, more memories to cover up what was. I love you bro, nobody will ever be ask close as we were. I won't have it, haha. It's bitter sweet. Anyways, I really wish you the best for your life. I hope you graduate, stopped drugs, hanging out with the wrong crowd. I hope you get married someday and have kids.. I hope you get a beat friend, who was as good as you. I'm sorry for everything. Whether you ever accept that or not. I did what I could.


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  • What more is there to know.

  • Sad confession. Wish I knew more about what happened between you two.

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