Its your own damned fault

I'm randomly dating other guys,
Because I am bored,...not with our relationship but in general. Maybe if you didn't treat me like shyt I wouldn't want to. But you left me puking on the floor when I was pregnant and about to s*** myself. And all I said was help me I'm scared and you "said baby quit sayin' my name."
You pretty much neglected me up until I had the damned thing aborted. Then you don't call me when I'm in the hospital but still manage to go have game night at a friends place. WTF. Then you manage to loose your job at hostgator. So we lost the apartment and I'm slammed with over 2 grand in fees. You give me herpes from a cold sore and then you say your gonna be there for my doctors appointment and you don't showup. And you’re never f****** there for me. It’s just like today when you said you'd be here for me and don't show up. SO If I cheat on you it’s your own dammed fault

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