I cut myself

I'm 15 years old and Ive cut my wrists before. I don't do it all the time. I only did it like 3 times and that was like 7 months ago. I still have the scars but I cover it with a bracelet. I did it because I was depressed and my ex bestfriend (we hate eachother now), was talking s*** about me behind my back. I'm really getting tired of having to wear this bracelet. I always worry someone might see the scars. I'm in NJROTC and on uniform day we can't wear bracelets, so I get points taken off for wearing the bracelet. Is there any ways I can make the scars fade away? I want the scars to be gone sooo badly.

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  • cutting is for attention seeking wussies. "aahh! im so sad i think i might cut myself in a place where people can see it but not enough to do any real lasting damage!" i wish i was a member of a race that could deal with its problems in mature and rational ways.

  • You, my insensitive trolling enemy, should stop making people feel worse about themselves than they already do. It's not to get attention (hence covering it up), and it's not a fashion statement (again, covering it up). It is a way to let go of the pain. It's basically the same thing as a drug (I'm sure you know how that is). I admit, there are better ways to handle it, but it really does help. OP, foundation and concealer really help just for short-term cover-up, and they have scar creams that fade them.

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