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Why guys a creep with me. I have been sexually harressed and molested. I just don't get it. Then when i meet someone i like and get close to them, they say or do something that i find weird and flip a ** and break up with them. This is also how i lose guy friends, just friends, because i have friends who have had terrible lives so they like comfort. I dont like it when someone is huggy and all i love you just like out of the blue. I hate guys so much....well no i loooooove guys, but why are they so creepy around me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Everyday this guy says something about me coming over and having ** i always say no, then he says fine...then i'll go over there and i say no again...then he does it agian the next day. I am kinda sensitive though (but sometimes not caus ei know they're jk) when guys say stuff like that because guys have touched me.

    And my look? uhhh 5'3" average (aka little chub def not fat and def not skinny) red/brown long curly hair and idk?? apperently i'm pretty i dont see it

  • Whats an example of something they might say in context? Are they really freaky, or are you over sensitive (or them not freaky, just not sensitive enough?).

    Many relationships start out based on personal image. What do you look like?

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