Am I pathetic?

I was raped when I was 8 years old. My parents ignore me. My brother treats me like s***. I barely have any friends here. My mom keeps moving. She doesn't listen to me. My dad cheats on my stepmom. ALL THE TIME. And he lies about everything. He won't even take me to get some clothes without my mom threatening him if he doesn't. I'm in love with my ex-boyfriend. He's dating a W**** who f**** his best friend all the time. He knows. I am also in love with 3 other guys. They are all close to me and have known me forever. I love them all. I'm scared that I'll never be loved. Today, one of my ex boyfriends told his best friend (and also my best friend) that he only dated me because I 'have huge t***.' Really?
I feel like my world is coming to an end. I know I'm only in high school but I have tried to commit suicide numeral times. I've cut myself since I was in 5th grade (soon after I was raped). I hate life and I'd rather be dead.

....Am I pathetic?


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  • You've survived a s*** life, and that's not pathetic. Just the opposite.

    The cutting s***, tho? Nope, sorry, that IS pathetic. There are lots of ways to deal with pain, and cutters want to show off theirs like some sad stripey little badge, like it makes them special somehow. Knock that s*** off.

  • You have faced a lot in life so now you need to understand that you need someone who loves you for what you are.It is painful to be in such kinds of circumstances but please believe me you are not responsible for the deeds of people who hurt-ed you, they are themselves responsible for their good or bad deeds.So instead of running from circumstance believe in yourself.You are a innocent child of god.In pain,Whenever you feel you need someone trustworthy to talk to you please read prayers for pain relief.I have done this myself and after few tries I felt internal peace.Read in your mind and pray please real truth real father god guide me save me.You can search prayer on internet.Stick to one prayer.Try this with faith for at least 7 times.

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