Girlfriend wont let it go

About a year ago while my girl friend was on vacation for 2 weeks was on a online site and was chatting to different people about s** and life and i was talking to this one guy who kinda talked me into letting him come over to hang out and he would show me some sites online and fix my router so i would quit getting knocked off the net.he showed up fixed my router and was showing me some great sites but about an hour into it he started hitting on me i told him i was straight and he quit so we continued looking online about an hour later he reached down and grabbed my crouch i moved nervously to the side he said wow your hard i said so he said he would take care of it and know one would know i was freaking out inside but i let him rub my p**** we went to sit n the couch and he kept rubbing me then he went down on me it felt so good i lost my mind and rubbed his about this time i came in his mouth and thought what the h*** i try it once in my life so i was sitting there on the couch he was standing in front of me with his p**** in my mouth and in walks my girlfriend early from her trip screaming you weirdo p**** and everything he left quick and i tried to explain she said she didnt want to hear it so we didnt talk about it again she still says mean things about it when she gets mad .i have never been with a guy again

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  • Bummer you got caught. Simple as that.

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