Betrayed a very good friend

I have a friend that is married. Her husband has been flirting with me for some time now. I finally got the nerve to aske him if what I was sensing was real. he told me it was but that it had to remain just that. that he cared too much for her to hurt her that way. How sweet. Well, now that I confronted him I feel so bad. she is a good person and a very good freind. How could I hurt her? Selfishness i'm guessing. Time will heel. I'm a dirt bag for sure.

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  • your a w****....go kill yourself.

  • He's the one who was dabbling in the forbidden fruit. You only asked if what what happening was what you thought. If he stops flirting, no harm done. If it continues you're likely headed for a pumping. Then would be the time for guilt, if you must.

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