Out of character for me

I have never had a one night stand or meet a stranger online for s** and I have always been in one long term relationship or another. I'm at a place in my life I just want to be single & alone w/o the pressure of a relationship or meeting a man's needs. I am focusing on my career & family after my fathers death, my mom has health issues & I just bought my 1st home & I did it on my own. I finally feel strong & independant...but I miss s** & I just want to be pounded, I need to feel a man's body against mine and inside me. I over heard some co-workers joking about craig's list hook ups so the other night at home I looked it up. I almost responded to one but I got scared so I didn't. I don't know if I should or just be a good girl.....ugh, sooo frustrated.

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  • Just go to a local bar...99% of women that want to be picked up can have a one night stand...very simple. as long as youre not obese you can make yourself look hot if u want. Look hot, and youll get hit on - guaranteed. get that far and u will probably have a guy to f*** later...good luck!

  • look up the long island serial killer. you will change your mind about craigslist. and look up the craigslist killer

  • In answer to the question, without turning to divine guidance, I would say craigslist has its pitfalls. I have not used it to hook up but from what I've heard it is populated with a lot of men who get their jollies from interacting with women in a cyberly s** way but who shun face-to face contact for a variety of reasons.

    Reason No. 1 would be their unavailability. They are married, not the age they profess to be, usually much older, or simply far less attractive than they say. They will string you along, pretending to be something else and try to get you to send explicit photos.

    A lot of people find nothing but frustration. I think you'd be better off going to a bar where there are plenty of people interested in hook-ups without drama or whatever.

    Most of all, I would suggest being open to casual s** and it will come to you.

  • It's quite a risky decision. 1 in 4 people have STDs. Maybe you should take your frustration out by running or doing art.

  • I'd like to meet you, you sound kinda cool. (:

  • Dude you come onto the most VILE site imaginable, and talk about god...


    Go home man, not the place.

  • Why do you think I'm here? There are actually people here who are depending on others to give them wise counsel. If you or anyone else is heading for a cliff, then I'm going to try and warn you before you drive over. If you want to ignore the warnings, that's up to you; but please don't speak for others who may want to avoid destruction. God bless you and grant you repentance. I hope you have a nice day.

  • S** is a natural part of every day life. If God exists, which I absolutely doubt since there is not one piece of proof in the history of the world, he wouldn't want us to deny our natural instincts. We are evolved from animals, we have animal instincts.

  • Who decided what makes a "good girl"? A girl that cannot satisfy her needs and wants and cannot have fun and be independent? You deserve to enjoy your own life without having to worry about anybody else's, and shouldn't have to worry about others judging you. It's a natural thing to want s**, and avoiding it will only cause you stress (which is sooo much worse for your health). Just think about it, and make sure you're doing it because you want to, without feeling guilty.

  • Who do you work for? Satan? Your advice is repugnant and
    contradictory to the Word of God.

  • Maybe she doesn't beleive in god. Don't be so h****** her. Your not perfect either.

  • You ought to know about Satan. You work for him. Oh by the way, Satan doesn't exist. He's just a figurative representation of the selfish, insistent self. In other words, someone like you, a religious blowhard fanatic who tries to insult and bully others with your beliefs.

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