Last year,we were all worried about layoffs where I work as a secretary.My husband had already lost his job 2 months before.I knew my boss would have to let me or another girl go.I'm 34,a married mother of 2, and the other girl is 28 and single.
I stayed late with him one night,he's in his mid 40's and divorced for several years,and "confessed" that I was attracted to him.We had s** in his office that night and I began "working late" 4 or 5 nights a week.The man's s** drive is out of control.I'm not particularly attracted to him,but I did'nt get laid off.The 28yo did.But now,i'm trapped in an affair with him.We've gone on several "business trips" that have basically been weekends in Vegas where we share a room.I'm terrified that I may someday run into someone I know.He's very affectionate when we're on trips.My husbands still looking for work.He's had some tempo work but nothing permanent.He's a maintenance mechanic,building maintenance work,and does'nt want me to quit when he finds work.I'm ashamed and embarassed.What can I do?

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  • one way or another its gonna come out. Take the reins sooner than later... At least that way you can somewhat be in control of the situation.

  • I can only imagine what you are feeling, but you have stop the affair, its killing you on the inside, you know this. talk to your boss and tell him u dont feel comfortable with this situation, hes YOUR BOSS, think about it????? hes not married, you are, you have far more to lose than he does.

  • Ditch your Boss he will end up s******* you up one way or an other.

    Your husband will be made to feel even worse than he does now if he ever found out.Poor Bloke.

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