Lucky night cheating

That I had three different women in my hotel room friday night in Seattle. I was there for a week on business and friday morning before I went to my first meeting, I posted an ad on craigslist and didn't really expect anything to come of it.

At lunch, I checked my email and had two responses. One of them was from a businesswoman that worked a few blocks from my hotel and really wanted to stop by my room on her way home from work. We exchanged photos and I told her I would wait outside the elevator on my floor from 5:15 to 5:30pm.

At about 5:20pm the door opened and an absolutely beautiful woman got off the elevator, maybe 5'4', smoking body in a skirt and high heels. I couldn't believe it but it was her and we talked a few seconds and headed to my room. She used the bathroom quickly and came out and I was sitting on the bed. She said she was nervous so I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her and my other hand reached around for her ass. I pushed her down to her knees and she went straight for my belt and got my pants off and sucked my c*** like a pro while I held the back of her head and kept her hair out of her mouth.

I got real close to o***** pretty quickly so I pulled her off and told her she was so sexy she had me on the edge already. She said that was good because she wanted to taste it. I asked if she needed to get her clothes off so she doesn't get c** on them and she stripped down to her bra and panties revealing the best body I have ever enjoyed. Perfect body, perfect round ass, t*** were just the right size and I wanted to f*** her but she said she wanted to taste my c** now so I stood up and she got on her knees and sucked me some more, took me over the edge, and most of it went in her mouth and down her throat. Some was on her lips and some dripped down onto her chest just below her neck.

I was a little soft but I can usually get hard again within a few minutes so I pulled her arm and got her on the bed and started working my way up her legs to her p**** which was soaking through her panties. We got her panties and bra off revealing perfect pink nipples and her p**** trimmed in a little 1 inch thick runway. I got her ass in my hands and dove into her p**** with my tongue and ate her and licked her c*** and drove her to a couple of o******. Then I stood up and she read my mind and got on her knees at the edge of the bed and I put on a condom and slipped my c*** into her from behind and started to pump her. I grabbed her shoulders and really started to do her hard and she was rocking back in rhythm and taking it deep and came a few more times as a I f***** her hard and deep. When I was ready to c** again, she quickly turned around and impaled her mouth on my c*** and took every drop of c** deep in her mouth and down her throat. We both laid down on the bed on our backs and just lay there panting without speaking for a few minutes.

I aksed her if she got what she came for and she said, "Oh, yeah. You?" I did :) and we talked a little bit and agreed to keep in touch through email for future trips since I am from pretty far away from Seattle. I watched her get dressed and I still can't believe I f***** a woman with what I would call the perfect body and who loves to suck and swallow. Those are two things that my wife does not have or offer me so I was just in shock about what just happened.

I figured that would be the end of the night, but I had more responses. Most were from probably hookers or escorts wanting "help". I was polite and told them all no but one was from a girl that was dying to suck a c*** and didn't care who's c*** it was. We agreed on 8pm at the elevator on my floor since I did not want to be seen in the lobby. Surprisingly, she stepped off the elevator a little after 8pm and we talked a little, went to my room, and got straight it.

I had showered and I got my clothes off and laid on my bed wih pillows propped up behind me like I was going to watch tv. She got on the bed on her knees and got one hand on my b****, my c*** in her other hand and she locked onto my c*** with her mouth and started to suck it. Nonstop for about 15 minutes she just kept stroking and fondling and sucking it. Along the way, I asked her if she wanted to ride it and she just shook her head no and didn't miss a stroke. I just laid there and let her do all the work and when it was time, I grabbed her head and held it down and pumped a load into her mouth and she stayed locked on, swallowed it all, and then finally her head came off my c*** and she sat up and we kind of giggled. I said damn and she said that was good.

I asked her if she wanted more but she said no I just wanted to suck a c*** and now I sucked a c***. Well, alrighty then. She went and used the bathroom and let herself out without even coming back to say goodbye. A little weird but what do I care? I just pumped c** down two throats in the last few hours.

I don't know why, but I checked email again and had a few more responses asking for help which I just deleted and I went to tale a shower, went out and got some dinner, and was just thinking about all the stuff that happened between 5pm and 9pm thinking nobody would believe it if I told them. I can hardly believe it.

When I got back to my room, I had another email from a girl who hadn't had s** in two years since her relationship ended and liked my picture and decided she had to get laid tonight. This one, I met outside about 11:30pm and we walked around the block slowly and talked until she felt safe with me like she wasn;t going to be murdered or raped and then I told her to take the elevator to my floor and wait for me. I went in a couple minutes behind her and met her on my floor and we went to my room and she used the bathroom.

She came out and was nervous about how to start so I grabbed her head and kissed her and she got right into it and laid down. We eventually made it to the 69 position and she spent her time tyring to get as much of my c*** down her throat as she could and I got two fingers in her p**** and was hitting her gspot and her c*** at the same time and she was liking it alot, came a few times, and was soaking wet and her p**** was completely ready.

I stood up and got her on her back at the edge of the bed and slowly entered her p**** a little at a time until I was b**** deep and started to pump her. She had a nice body and bigger t*** than you would guess from her height but she had a nice body and I was enjoying watching her t*** bounce as I pumped her. She grabbed my ass and pulled my c*** into her and brought herself to a couple of o******.

Then I laid down on my back and she got on top and rode my c*** for about 10 minutes and came at leats three times that I could tell and then she said she needed a break and got off and laid on her back. I gave her about 3 minutes and then I go on her in missionary and started to f*** her hard, really bouncing her body up and down and her t*** were flying everywhere and she was trying to hold them in place and I made it as hard as I could for her. :)

Since I came so much already I was nowhere close to another one so I figured I would just f*** her as hard and fast and nonstop as my back could handle and see if I could f*** her like she had never been f***** before and probably never would be again. I succeeded and i have no idea how many times she came but finally I was ready and asked her where she wanted my c**. She said on her t*** and I pulled out and came as much as I could on her t*** and neck and she laid there and rubbed it around her body with her hand and licked some of it off her fingers and just laid there happy.

She stayed another half-hour just talking and then she left but she said I could email her next time I am in town. I am definitely going to email woman 1 and woman 3 next time I am here.

After that, I packed and went to sleep for about three hours before I had to get up and get myself to the airport. When I did get up and checked email before shutting off my laptop to pack it and I had an email from woman 3 saying that she wants to suck my c*** again this morning if possible. I emailed her that I wish it was possible but I am leaving for the aiport in less than an hour. Now, I wish I would have invited her to stay the night. Lesson learned.

Anyway, thank you, Melissa, Kari and Jamie, for the best night of my life.

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  • I didnt bother reading but I'm guessing you spent $600 in total.

  • hot hot hot but you can still get HSV and HPV even with wearing condoms. FYI

  • so who was the best f*** and who gave the best head?

  • great story

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