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Ever since my ex blew up last Halloween, I've been trying to keep my distance from her. Every time after that night when we had s**, I made sure that I got it out of my system so I wouldn't have to go back to her again. Each time I'd be more rough than before, just to make sure I 'punished' her, because I knew she'd be hurting for days after. The last time we had s**, it was awesome and lasted like an eternity, but I wanted to make sure I didn't have to come back again and I could just say no when she calls late at night.

She called me last Friday, wanting to hook up this week. We haven't seen each other in months. I know she still has a banging body and hadn't seen or been with anyone since our last time.

It's a trap. I know it. Please don't call...please don't call......

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  • I punish my girlfriend too with really rough a*** s**. I often make her cry. At first I was doing it cause she would make me really angry and I wanted her to break up with me but for a long time now its become a bargaining chip. When ever I break up with he she offers her ass to me for me to "do what I need to do to her".

    I put a little bit of lube then thrust it in her delicate ass. She deserves no warm up and I enjoy every little muffled grunt she lets out as she tries to bury her face in the pillows. I love how her fists clutch at the sheets as she's being being taken. The moments of bliss usually settle down after a few minutes as her ass loosens up, then the fun starts to wear off.

    This has now become our main mode of s**. If she refuses to be submissive I end up breaking up with her at which point she submits and the cycle starts over. Its not rape cause she won't say no. And she won't say no cause I'll leave her.

    Nothing says I love you like a woman crying from a*** s**.

  • and men wonder why women are crazy sometimes.

  • you're a nasty a******. kinda sad she is dumb enough to stay with you and put up with your s***. guess you can only f*** dumb chicks, that's why you stay with her. hope your girlfriend wakes up and figures out she should not stay with someone who degrades her.

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