Asking for undies

I love wearing panties . Friday night at a bar i asked a girl for her panties .she asked me why i wanted them so i told her to wear them that way i would feel close to you she smiled and then whispered in my ear that she will be back in a few minutes sure enough about 5 mins later she came back handed me her panties and told me she wants to see me in them i went to the bathroom took off my boxers and put her panties on . When i got back to the table she was on her phone she told me she needs to go . I sure hope to see her again

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  • I am single, 40 yo and would f*** any women of any age. So far I have f***** nearly 100 women - short time gf, s****, tramp girls and incestuous but consensual s** within the family. But my prize after s** is their c** soaked panties. After f****** them I ask for their panties as souvenir. Most them would oblige me and I have by now collected about 60 panties to my collection. I plan to stop when I have 100!! May be!!

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