Cheating on my wife

So I originally found this girl on craigslist for s**. She wasnt the first, but I never expected to develop feelings for her. Now I am absolutely crazy about her and I dont know what to do. I feel like I should end it with my wife, b/c this new girl and I have so much more in common. She's so smart, funny and incredibly sexy. I dont know if I ever felt this way about my wife early on, so Im starting to think I would have more regret from not pursuing this than the regret I would feel from leaving my marriage. It's only been a month but this new girl and I are both talking like this is something we want to continue, long term. What the f*** should I do???

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  • update....I think Im falling in love with her...

  • Hold onto it, cause you never know when your day is up.

    These negative posters probably have a spouse (if they're even lucky to have one) that probably has their own regrets about their situation at home.

    Go forth and be happy.

  • Yeah pretty stupid, but damn cute.

  • You are considering leaving your wife for a tramp you met on Craigslist that you have only known for ONE month? Have you given any thought to how many others the s*** has had s** with? That's why she's on Craigslist, TO HAVE S** WITH AS MANY AS SHE CAN!! Just how stupid are you???

  • Thanks everyone for the replies, even the people judging me without knowing anything about me (I'm glad I could make you guys feel better about yourself by coming on my post and bashing're welcome)
    Yes, I may be stupid, but this girl has totally turned my world upside down and I love it. Oh how I am falling for the tramp from craigslist.

  • Look slime ball, you were judged on what you posted. You make me PUKE! If you didn't want an answer why did you ask,"What the f*** should I do???"

    There is NO maybe about it, YOU ARE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid but damn cute, apparently. I'll take it. Try not to puke when reading my latest reply. F*******.

  • Your latest reply proves just how STUPID you really are!

    OH your poor wife and children !

  • Lets put things into perspective here. You are having relations with a woman but you are married.

    first of all you have to figure out why you persued this woman in the first place and talk it over with your wife to try and fix your marrage. whether its s**, attention etc

    Why do people have affairs, why not split up with the current person first then seek other relationships. my guess is you are holding out just in case this doesnt work and that you can go back to your wife. and then the cycle continues and youll be looking for someone better. Why not do the decent thing and leave your wife as you clearly dont know what you want buts its better than hurting her if she finds out that you had an affair. you obviously see yourself as single if you are seeking other woman or did your vows amount to nothing.

  • be her nicotine, and she'll make you happier than a fat kid in a candy store. stick with her, for now at least.

  • Hey Jess

  • When you figure it out.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeez let me know. I'm in the same boat as you only I've known my lover for a year now. And I love him with all my heart but can't seem to leave my marriage for him.

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