I'm not sorry.

I turned in my friend and her husband to the authorities because, thanks to technology and few accidentally pushed buttons, I have undisputed evidence of them doing drugs in their house with three small kids around. I know this is not an easy situation but if something went wrong, what are the boys going to do? They're all still in diapers. I'm glad to make the right call and I think that the reason this whole situation came up is because it's just a matter of time before something does actually go wrong and I would feel like a loser knowing what I know and doing nothing about it. I think that's why this whole situation popped up out of the blue. Because something out there, a guardian angel maybe, needs someone to step in for those boys because things ARE about to head down the road to ruin that no one can come back from. The decision to make was obvious. I won't say it didn't make me squirm when debating how to go about it... but I just don't think this happened out of nowhere. I know it will be 'inconvenient' to have their lives interrupted and not have their drugs but it's not about them-- it's supposed to be about those kids they tried to have for so many years. And now that they have them, they still want to live life like it's still just the two of them. It's not. But hey, I'm sure child services can help with that.

Oct 20, 2011

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  • Op here- It was meth.

  • WAY TO GO!!!


    Not many people have the guts to do what you did, so be proud of yourself! I do not know you but I am proud of you.
    All the best to you!!!

  • O i enjoyed doing it because im a snake

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