I am 11 and i think everyone hates me

I don't know why but I think EVERYONE hates me :( .Because of this it's hard for me to make friends because I think they dislike me :( I don't understand why I think this...Can someone please help me it's ruining my life :'(

Apr 17, 2012

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  • im 14 and i feel the same way but i think you might have an anxighty disorder (dont think i spelled that right)i do and it make it really hard or me to get along with people or to make friends

  • hey, I'm 12 and honestly, I feel the same as you. I had move to a new school in January and since then I felt that most everyone hates me. I just ignore them all because honestly, I am ahead of most of them in class. just try to ignore anyone trying to push you down, and try to help any one who needs it, who knows, that person may become your best friend.

  • Always be yourself and real friends will come y be friends with these fakes you'll realize this as an adults

  • Unless you're giving people reason to hate or dislike you, you're probably overreacting and over analyzing people looking at you. If you see someone staring, just smile. You're at that age where your body is changing, it may be hormones that maybe making you a little bit more sensitive or insecure lately. Just be yourself. Try to stop yourself from thinking negatively or assuming that everyone doesn't like you. Make an effort with your friends and new friends. You'll be okay.

  • well the only thing i can say is even if they really did hate you that doesn't matter what matters is if you like or hate yourself

    i'm a self loather

  • You're probably not just being so nice. Or something I'm 11 and this happened to me so just try to talk to them And ask if you can play with them at recess just say something nice:)

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