I am feeling like blah...

Today wasn't cool in school. I'm feeling a little defeated. I swear, these kids are making me doubt the human race in general, like there isn't a kind person on this planet! I know there is though, and I'm trying not to get too discouraged. I love my life, and I am truly blessed. I just gotta talk to God. Every night I've been praying, I've fallen asleep. And okay, I'll be honest. I found out that my crush is EXACTLY who I'd wanna be with or wanna go out with, but SO many girls are all over him, and he's... "popular" I guess. I don't get too caught up in the popularity thing. High school kids are pretty superficial. But I don't know him well enough to know if he does. There are so many girls throwing themselves at him, and if anything, I just wanna be his friend. I really really think he's going to be a good person when he's older. Sometimes, it seems like he is the MALE version of me. I always say how I wanna get to know him, but I never do anything about. I was going to today, but I was feeling a little intimidated. So that got me down a bit, 'cause I like him. I am trying to keep my confidence too. I try not to feel overwhelmed with all of these things coming my way, and that's where God comes in. :) My true true savior. I just gotta really have a heart to heart with him, and stuff. I know I'm beautiful, but I also know that these boys don't realize it because I'm like.. not your average girl. I'm not skinny, but I LOVE my curves. I am beautiful, so beautiful and I know that and God knows that. So, it's gonna be okay. I'm still feeling a little ehhh but God is here for me, so...yeah. It'll be okay. I just needed to vent. <3

Next Confession

God is SO amazing.

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