Emily M... if your're reading this...

I doubt it, but Emily M. (sister of Theresa M.) I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and you are like a million words carved into rock. It never goes away and I would kiss you if you weren't with Mikey Fusco. When you said I was cute I froze and wanted to kiss you so bad. If we go to the library after school soon and you have read this tell me how you feel about me. I you don't like me don't be mean. Also don't dump Mikey for me if you like me, give him a chance too, he's a great kid.

Do you feel like I do? Give me your heart and I'll give mine to you.
With love and no doubts,
R.C. xoxoxoxo

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  • Emily Mednick likes to S U C K stiffies

  • I actually didn't write this confession... my friends did. We were playing truth or dare and they dared me to type a love letter to Emily and not send it. I did that and the said whats her email. I told them and they tackled me and pinned me down and made this confession sound crazy and I think they sent it to her. I think she is mad at me and I guess she has every right to be. Here's what I'm trying to say... I am so sorry Emily... I would never try to hurt you in any way and yes I love you but I wouldn't ever tell you what this note said because I am not crazy. Forgive me please...

    The guy who you probably hate,
    R.C. :(

  • I would, but I'm too shy and she's so beautiful that when I see her... I can't think thing or talk straight. I just wanted someone who cares about my feelings to help me and not some j*** like you. She's killing me from inside out and if I don't do something... I may just slip into a deep depression. I have tried asking her out many times, but I said "Hey Emily, want to maybe...... talk to me later?" so I ran away and didn't talk to her for a week. I'm too shy. HELP!

  • why not try writing her a letter about how you feel? if it is so hard to tell her in person?

  • If you keep posting real-name-ish stuff here, more than likely you are going to p*** off this "Emily M." if she reads about it and learns you are posting your every feeling about her on some website. Then you will have NO chance with her.

    Why don't you directly tell HER how you feel already and quit whining and pining about it here?

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