Why did I fall in love with someone I've only met online?

That sounds nuts. Maybe it doesn't if you meet on a dating site or something, but it's not like that. I met this guy on a forum. He lives nowhere near me. He's not even that similar to me from what I can tell, but he makes me want to be a better person. I know that's vague and cheesy, but that's really how I feel. I've never met him IRL and it'll be a very long time until I do (nine months). I don't fall in love, which is why it strikes me as odd that I'd fall in love with someone I've never met. I know there are probably no real answers to this, but I'm just feeling very confused lately and it's unpleasant. I know that sometimes, falling in love can be wonderful, but it's not because he lives in England and I'm so limited in getting to know him any better. What's worse, he often talks about how lonely he is, that he doubts there is anyone in the world for him, and the way I feel when I read this is like being stabbed by a knife of empathy and sadness. I know he needs an IRL friend, and I always wish I could be there.
How could I fall in love with someone I've never even met, and why?
What can I do to feel better?

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  • I was engaged before to someone I had met online, and the love we had shared before meeting each other was so intense and fulfilling, it was scary yet so comforting at the same time. And when we met, it was totally unbelievable how much more and deeper the love was once the last piece of the puzzle fit (pun intended?). Unfortunately things didn't work out in the end after a year, but it definitely made some people realize that barriers, like the poster above, can be overcome when typical face-to-face encounters make that first impression pressure-filled...

    I'd been through a bunch of relationships afterwards, going the traditional F2F meeting and stuff, and they never seemed to be quite like that one online romance...

    ...until the one I'm in now, which started out on a smartphone chat app, of all places. Lol. And this one, like the last online relationship, is every bit intense and then some. We're meeting this Friday (we live over 1000 miles apart), and we're both on pins and needles. We're probably going to spontaneously combust at first site.

    Like the poster above said, being yourself is easier without the physical interpersonal pressure to impress. Then again, sometimes you can't see body language to tell what the other person is actually thinking or feeling, but as long as both persons are honest with each other, why not take a chance on what you've found between you both?

  • I thought one could not possibly "fall in love" online but the elements can be there to make that kind of thing happen. Getting to know someone via the internet can create a sense of unusual candidness and closeness between people. we are rarely so open and free with our thoughts and feelings with people who live close to us and whom we meet the traditional way, in the flesh. it is also easy to quickly sever relationships built online if someone is found to be unaccepting of us (which doesnt happen tas easily in real life i.e. quick, guilt-free endings.) a lot of the time-wasting and non-informative fluff and chit chat people talk about everyday in real life can be cut out in online relationships and you find sometimes you really get to really know people on a deeper level. on the other hand there is greater risk that people are not as they portray themselves to be...so be careful. knowing people online and offline are two separate things and yield different sets of information.

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