I don't want to, but I get so angry at Christians

I consider myself a tolerant person, and I believe that everyone should be able to live however they want, as long as they're not hurting anyone else. But whenever someone tells my they'll "pray for me," or for someone I know, I get so, so angry. I'm constantly frustrated that people think it helps, that they're actually doing something, when it really just feels to me like they're giving up on having any control over life. It looks like powerlessness, and it is not comforting. At all. And I hate that I feel that way because I know it gives THEM comfort, but I think I begrudge them that.

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  • it is a question of tolerance no?.....if you want people to be tolerant of the fact that you dont believe..then be fully tolerant of those who do...if you spend so much time hating on others for praying for you....maybe you should start to wonder why this whole praying thing occupies so much of your thoughts. hate and love are two different feelings...but they are still feelings that you have towards something.

  • Well you don't understand spiritual things therefore it is powerless, to you. But to someone who knows God, he answers their prayers, so it's not powerless. Since God didn't change your life, you can't relate but to someone who has had their life changed by God, they know the power of prayer. By the way, I'm not going to say I'll pray for you, I'm going to tell you that you need to get right with God because if you continue down the path that you're on you're not going to end up in a good place. One day you'll be flat on your face and you won't have anything anymore, just remember that when that day comes you can call out to Jesus and trust him and he will save you.

    Romans 10:11 "For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed."

  • LOL...

  • Yeah, I hate that "I'll pray for you s***" too. Sincere praying doesn't need to be broadcast for attention. Just like giving donations. What is felt from the heart: just shut up and do it people. Don't put it to the attention of others for some kind of credit.

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