Can't get her outta my head

I'm a 32 yr old female and I must confess that I have been in love three times. The first two times were with men. The first one - the age difference got to us, and we couldn't be together. He was 41 I was 19. I know what's wrong with me? The second time was with a man who was totally forbidden due to his race. Finally, the third and ultimate time ... was and still is with my best friend. And my best friend is a woman, and I am also a woman. And to top it all off - she is married. And I can't get her out of my head, nor do I want to try. I don't know how to live without her. She loves me too, and it sucks because we can't be together. Why do these things happen? Why do I fall madly in love with people that I can't ever have? She makes me happier than any one human being that's walked the planet. I suffer this pain every day. To know that we love each other, and can't be together. This is killing me. I don't know how to breath without her by my side. I don't know if anyone else has ever been in this situation, but it's absolute torture.

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  • If you love each other,why can't you be together? I'm not implying,
    your married friend should cheat on her partner,because that's wrong.
    But if she loves you and doesn't love her partner anymore,then she should get a divorce and be with you.
    Does she have children,with her partner? If yes,it's more complicated when children are involved.But if she doesn't,what's stopping you both?
    Are you both from a community,religion and culture,that are anti-gay? If that's the case,elope together and reside elsewhere,that's more accepting and diverse e.g Pro-gay :) Good luck

  • Well first off if you couldn't be with a guy do to his race then that is messed up because love is race or s** or anything thing else, love is just love. But if this women loves you the way you love her then there shouldn't be anything stopping you from being together. Yes she is married but think about how unfair this is for you, her and the person she is married to. You love her but can't have her because she is married, she loves you but can't have you because she is married, and the person she is married to is in a relationship where they think they are loved and that they have a happy marriage. If she isn't happy or doesn't love the person she is married to then she needs to end it and stop holding them back from being happy and if she loves you the way she saids she does then she shouldn't have a problem ending her marriage to be with you but if not then she is also holding you back. I can see how this is hard for her but at the same time I think this is selfish because she is married to someone that she doesn't love the way she should but yet she is keeping up a charade by staying with them and she has you falling in love with her but doesn't even give you hope that you guys could have a future. You are also being selfish at the simple fact that you are allowing her to stay with someone but yet she tells you that she loves you, and that is selfish against yourself because why she continues to be married you could be out there falling in love with someone who is willing to risk it all to be with you.

  • "The second time was with a man totally FORBIDDEN due to his RACE." What was his "race"? Martian??
    Get in the real world, woman!

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