It hurts

When I'm naked and you don't care
When you turn on the TV and fall asleep on the couch
When you help out your friends and not me
When everyone else have engangement rings on the other hand
When you don't know my favorite colour
When you shout at me for wanting to kiss you
When you tell me I'm selfish
When you don't notice that I'm pretty
When you don't see the dress I put on for you
When you resent me for being me
When I'm alone and you're not
When you call me lazy while coming home to a clean house, a happy daughter and a cooked meal
When I'm not good enough
When s** with me is a job you need to get done
When s** is the only thing you want from me
When s** is supposed to be a compliment
When you never get me a gift or a card
When you don't like my family
When you walk out the door without a word


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  • sucks.. dump his b**** ass

  • ouch. i'm sorry. <3 i know the feeling. i hope you have the courage to strive for happiness.

  • it hurt to read all that

    quit b******* and get rid of the loser

  • Its Not Easy When They Have Your Heart .

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