I love you.

I want to stop being sad when I think of you. How are you fine without me? This is hard for me...I want to stop this now..

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  • I am fine without you because you were never properly IN my life. 'We' never got beyond mutually feeling our karmic connection. And when I realized the kind of person you are in this life-- words like 'next-level narcissist' and 'serial cheater' and 'alcoholic' come to mind-- I became very glad I never caved in to exploring that connection. So stuff the 'I love you' bullshit, that's just the connection talking. You don't know who I am as a person, and the nature of your baggage is insurance that you won't be allowed close enough to find out.

    I've endured some pretty good shitshows, but you won't ever be one of them. That's your poor misguided wretch of an ex-wife's job. Well, her and your current or most recent victim. Rest assured, R, it won't be me!

    Better luck next life (maybe),
    Your 'curve ball'.

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