I feel pathetic because I am 25 and I've never had s**. I wish I could just go out to bars like most girls and pick up someone and have s** with them. It's not normal to be a 25 year old virgin. I don't know why I want to just wait until I am in a relationship, but I do. I went last night to a bar just to have s** with a random guy, and even though I got extremely drunk and more confident. I went home because it felt wrong. I wish I hadn't stuck to my morals in High School. Back then, I had three boyfriends but I wanted to be out of High School before I had s**. So I turned them all down. I regret it now.

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  • This man only has had s** in real relationships, because anything less is empty, vacant of real emotional meaning, for me, and for her! Now, at 65, I am in love with a woman who
    also has these same thoughts and rules. S** is empty unless
    there is a real emotional bond, commitment, love!

    Save yourself for a real man, in a real relationship, when you
    and he will see it as the reward for you both being meaningful to another! Stand proud and tall!

  • You feel pathetic? OMG!!! you should feel PROUD!! You have respect for your self..... something that is so lacking in most females these days.You are normal, not those women who has a different guy every night! Then have to worry about having some dreaded disease.

    STOP getting drunk!! Not good.Continue to respect your self.

  • If you ask me, this is one of those harder times to stick to your morals. If you want to stay pure for your future husband, that is amazing. If not, I wouldn't try to expect the same from him. It's all depending upon what you want and what you feel is right; and if those two are the same thing

  • Don't feel bad. All of us guys want to f*** like rabbits when young and untamed, yet we want to marry virgins .... I say keep yourself as marriage material for some nice guy, don't end up some playa's f***-buddy!

  • I say good for you!!! I regretted having s** before marriage SO much!! I thought I wanted to do it, but all I felt afterward was guilt, so don't feel bad. Wait until you find that right guy and you won't regret it.

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