He is my world

I have a really bad marriage. He verbally, mentally and Physically abuses me. I was never in love with him, but I do love him. If you know what I mean. But with everything going on I need to leave. I am just scared because I know what he can and will do. But Im in a dillema. I am in love with a man that I have loved for years now. He makes me the happiest woman in the world. His whole family loves me even though they judged me at first for my past. I just dont know how to tell my pos of a husband how to get lost and divorce and all. HELP. because i am madly in love and have always been in love with the other man. I cant stand one more day of not being able to be in his arms.....

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  • When he's not at him or at work,pack your bags and leave.Take with you,your essential documents and a light care case of clothes.Either ask a friend ir friends to help you.Maybe stay with them or family,if possible.
    Have the courage to leave or forever remain in this destructive relationship.If you stay,you may die.But it sounds like,you're dying inside already,from staying.You have nothing to lose.Don't tell him,what you're going to do.He may hurt you,otherwise.Plan and be deceitful.Pretend like everything is ok,act like you usually do,on the day you decide to leave him.Don't pack your bags beforehand,he may find them and confront you,about it.
    Get family and friends involved.Let them know,what you're doing/intentions.They'll support you and be witnesses for you.

    God speed!

  • Try getting in contact with a local womans refuge to take you in and away from your husband. Because there is a risk that you could be seriously harmed one day, never mind leaving for the other man, leave for your own safety. Now.
    As for the divorce, maybe tell him when you have someone else in the house, a friend of yours perhaps, in another room. Simply for you own safety.

    Whatever it is you do, be careful, and good luck, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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