Verbal molesting

So Idk if there is even such a thing as verbal molestation, but I really feel like I've been sexually abused. My stepdad is kind of weird and he always talks about how he wants to kiss me or play with me or have s**. I am 19 years old, and a lesbian. He has a weird way of approaching me with this, he'll just talk to me about how if I ever need " good, discrete" love than he'll be there for me. I don't tell anyone because it isn't like he's touched me. Yea, I have kissed him like I would kiss my dad, but I've known him for about 14 years. I think he thinks it was an "I want you" type of kiss because everytime we talk like this he brings it up. He tells me he wants to spank me, and finish the kiss we had. He talks to me about how he hears me m*********. It's just weird.Has anybody else experienced this? Anybody got any suggestions?

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  • Find someone to talk to, I am currently in a situation like this and it helps if you have someone to talk to about your situation. My advice is to keep your distance and dont answer him when he tries to make advances. I know that wont always work but its a start. If it gets to the point where you dont feel safe and comfortable in your own home you will have to tell your mom.

  • yes i have had a similar experience. they kinda find ways to make you feel like you have to tolerate thier behavior and also it makes you wonder if youre crazy or if youre making a big deal over nothing because they haven't actually touched you. but let me assure you- they are already just as accountable to God as if they had actually done it. and you should tell your mother

  • TELL YOUR MOTHER!! She deserves to know she is married to a disgusting pervert!! DO IT TODAY!!

  • Tell him to stop, and if he doesn't tell people he knows... Maybe record it, as proof...

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