Permanent Ownership

All I have to do to get a man who belongs to another woman, or even who's married to another woman, is to kiss him (or allow him to kiss ME) while I'm smoking a cigarette, or just after I've finished one, and he is mine. Forever. I've ended marriages with a single cigarette and a single kiss.

Jul 12, 2020

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  • Some females can bring it off. Some can't.

  • There's something really wrong with all you people.

  • One thing wrong is what appears to be the idea that there is anything appealing about smoking cigarettes. There is not anything.

  • Wake up, dear, you're dreaming.

  • Both of my parents smoke and I really hate it. The whole house just stinks. I hate bringing my friends over.

  • Yeah. Sure. Right. Okay.

  • Well its not the first time wont be the last she made that mistake. Later ace i got to go.

  • I can't date a girl that smokes Can't stand the smell or much less that terrible taste in the mouth yuck poo

    Hideous b****** . . .

  • I am not a smoker but I think I am like you in that I have always had a preference for married men. Always. There is just something super exciting about getting with a man who swore to God that he would only ever be with one woman but there he is between your legs and calling out Oh God Oh God Oh God almost like wants that same God to look down from heaven and see who he's doing right that moment. And its even more exciting to get with him on those times when you are able to get him to do you in the bed where he usually sleeps with his wife. When that happens i always try to do something extra super freak, something I know his wife wouldn't ever do so I know he can't help but to think about ME whenever he goes to sleep with her there . . . . . . .something for him to think about and m********* to while he is busy NOT having s** with her. It lets me think that I am majorly interfering in their marriage even when he isn't inside me. Wrecking marriages is delicious! I am sure you feel that way too. I feel so hot and nasty with married men. Yum.

  • Married men are so fun to play with for me like you two gals even though I am probally a lot older then both of you. Cheating is the best s** there is Adultery is the warmest and most meaningful expression of true love. Everybody knows that.

  • I started smoking in 1997 and i have always thought it was sensual and sexy and it made me feel that way and plenty plenty plenty men have told me that too expecially when I'm dressed up looking fine AF or if I am wearing fur. anybody says otherwise is just wrong. so sorry.

  • No thats so not true its not evan funny

  • Ok u retards so going past the point of the confession sometimes just look at the face vaule of s*** stop going to the depths of something not needing to go there . maybe you guys like to cuz u dont look at your stupid dark secrects . u are all so retarted oh my bad that nit right of me to use the word r***** but i feel its 👌

  • Well-said!

  • W**** for a mum.

  • No vaping is not the same kind of experience take my word for it

  • Somebody need to marry you get you out this bad cycle you in . make you happy. . keep you happppy. . good luck

  • Yesmarriage is the proper solution for her she needs it.

  • Yeah, I smoke, too, so what? Thats nobody's business but mine own.

  • But you stink up everything round you not only yourself thats a hug problemt trust me,

  • I'm 15 and I have been smoking for nearly 4 years. No biggie.

  • Maybe no biggie but lotta ciggie

  • Disgusting in every way.

  • Excuse much? Rude or anything? Jojo

  • How many packs per day?

  • You are super trashy, but to be honest, I really LOVE trashy. God, you are such a woman. !-omg-!

  • Don't kid yourself, honey. Nothing is permanent. Things are barely even temporary any more.

  • Your think your p**** is gold.

  • You think yours is ?? ?? Then shut the. F uc k up

  • It is actually far more precious than gold.All
    My men would tell you. They know. And you WISH you knew. Admit it to me!!

  • My guess is that more than one man has paid you for the privilege of sampling your wares. am i Right?

  • Reread where does it say any of that u p**** . you wish u had one

  • Maybe I missed a couple of issues of TIME magazine or the AMA Journal, but has someone recently found a miracle cure for lung cancer???

  • We humans have always tended to lose sight of the big picture, yes?

  • Sometimes we never see it to begin with

  • One? Really???

  • That does seem unlikely . . . . . .

  • What age are you?

  • God you're all so boring.

  • God is not boring. You are

  • Am I the rubber and you're the glue? Or the other way round? I forget..................

  • Yeah I guess clarets lost so much of their sophistication and class and charm and appeal and elegance when it was found out they can KILL YOU . bummer much?

  • Was that maybe supposed to be "cigarettes" instead of clarets"? The functionality of autocorrect is but one of many deficiencies with this b***** site.

  • Nah, that was their autocorrect, not the site's. That kind of thing happens all the time, there are memes about it and everything.

  • This site changes out words all the time its frustrating

  • No, it asterisks words that some random person thinks is a swear or could be used as one. It does not misspell them. Take responsibility for your own illiteracy, the reason the world is in the shape it's in is because no one will ever own their shortcomings.

  • No, YOU are wrong, asshat. I see you wandering around here, always trying to seem smarter than the average bear, smug and superior, righteous evolved. but you are none of those things. In reality, you are morbidly idiotic and an insulting annoyance. And you are one of the primary reasons I have decided to make this my last visit to CPo. Sayonara to all. Bonne chance!!

  • Thank god. Stay gone!

  • Oh you bastards you bastards . . . .. you bastards!

  • Yes. True. Right. Glad someone just said it.

  • LOL

  • Judgemental crackpot.

  • Empty conehead v-game moron. . . . . . .

  • So true. ..

  • I'm tired of all these skagg experts

  • I would love being owned by a woman like you. Amazing!

  • Be careful what you wish for!

  • ? Is it later?

  • True. Women who doesn't care about other people's relationships will probably not care about her relationship with you. She will likely consider men interchangeable and easily replaceable. Proceed with much caution.

  • Millions of women smoke. We need love, too.

  • After reading your initial post, and your replies to some of the comments, I believe you have the heart of w****. That's why I love you so much. It's also why I want you to marry me.

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