Forever Alone

So I'm a freshman in collage and I've barley had even a kiss from a guy. I don't know why but no guy has really ever showed interest in me. I've tried several times to get a guys attention but they never seem to notice. All I want is a guy to want to run up and hug me and push me against a wall and kiss me. Im the comic book, gaming nerdy type but I dress completely different. My closest friend is the only one who knows who I really am and others see me as just another girly girl. I guess I'm just afraid to show guys the real me because I think they'll reject me because I'm different.

Jan 6, 2015

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  • Its so tough. The social cues are so subtle. I used to ask myself what was wrong with me. I was fit and healthy and yet never seemed to be able to get a girl friend. I would try to analyse what my mannerisms were and observe other people and try to see what their mannerisms were and copy the good ones. I would say be careful not to be negative. It was so easy to get mildly depressed or even just feeling a bit down. I got into things. I prayed / meditated and practiced being positive. I dressed neatly but made sure I did not look like my mother had dressed me if that makes sense. Good luck.

  • Change your makeover not just make up, personality.Life certainly changed.

  • You sound really hot. You're the type of girl I would want to get to know but you probably wouldn't be interested in me.

  • Be where the guys are but don't be too much like being a guy. Let them help you but also don't be incompetent. By this I mean if you can catch and kick a ball, do so but don't be too eager to play a totally rough Gane of football. Watch for when it changes from a social kick and giggle everyone involved to a demonstration of the alpha male.

  • Guys are attracted visually. The way you dress is what they notice first. You want to attract a guys attention - short skirt!.

  • Lol. Your not different. You are likely not that outgoing. Just go to parties and put yourself out there and learn how to chat and flirt. Many people your age including guys are at a awkward state/age. You spend most of your time indoors being on the computer and video games. So when you meet real live people you don't know how to act or communicate. This awkwardness normally take place in early high school. However it tends to extend far into mid 20's or until you get a job and are forced to talk to people. Good luck and you will be fine.

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