What would you do if your boyfriend confessed wearing diapers?

I'm a 29 year old male. Totally normal other then the fact that I love to wear and use diapers and be treated like a baby. I'm recently in a new relationship and I know she has no idea yet. I know she could go either way from my experience with most past relationships. Actually most woman have accepted me freely. But this time I really like the girl. I dot want to blow it but I know I have to be honest sooner then later. My question is what would you girls out there do if your boyfriend told you this about himself. Asumming you loved him and it wasn't just a fling. Would you perticapaite if it made him happy?

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  • I don't know man. I can see another man accepting and caring for you, unfortunately. Even today a lot of women don't understand the give and take process and expect to be babied themselves. As evidenced by this comments section.

    They don't "get it" about the self-sacrficing initiative mature masculinity requires. And for all the tires you've changed for them and doors you've held and roofs you've held over their heads... they owe you waaay f****** more than diaper changes.

    It's not an asinine thing to ask. It's due diligence if you ask me.

    To be perfectly and painfully honest men look out for one another as men look out for women. There may be an older male (I'm not one of em, I am younger than you) willing to oblige your desires from a natural instinct to nurture, men instinctively have to take care of selfish, leechy women like babies so I can't imagine why they would flinch at taking care of another productive member of society.

    But yeah. Women expect you to be built to protect and provide from an unnatural point, from your height, your paycheck, your g****** p****, and no emotions allowed whatsoever. Unless you find an anomaly.

    The trade off is far from fair but it never has been. If you honestly feel you have a "baby side" you may have to live a double life. Not cheat, but the head of one household and the baby of another. Just don't starve yourself of your true nature.

    So far, all of the women in the thread have made fun of you and two men stepped up to look after you, and one of them isn't even gay. That should say something. Unfortunately.

  • Thanks for being so understanding and supportive. Quick update I ended up marrying her and we are extremely happy. We are also in an open relationship which affords me the opportunity to explore other aspects of my sexuality.

  • No I would dump him in a New York minute. What a pervert.

  • Your an ass. People can use the ABDL lifestyle as a way to cope with stress. Just the thought of not having any responsibilities would put a lot of people at ease. I bet your the type of girl who only cares about a man’s paycheck and their c***. I think you should try to be more open to people interests. Would it feel good to be shamed because you do something that you like? No!

  • In fact, I am also in the ABDL community

  • If she really likes you then she will accept you. You shouldn't have to hide this from her. The sooner you tell her the better

  • With me its the other way around,my girlfriend likes wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants and being like a baby girl at times.she is 23!

  • Omg,my girlfriend is 20 and the same way! She told me she was finially baptized at age 14 at Easter vigil and wore the traditional white,poofy,top of the knees,sleeveless dress with a bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and she had the cloth diapers and adult size plastic pants and a camisole under the dress.She then told me that she made her First Holy Communion a year later at 15 and her parents had her wear the cloth diapers and plastic pants under her communion dress and then when she was confirmed the next year at 16,she told me,the girls had to wear white,floor length dresses and veils and her parents made her wear the diapers and plastic pants again under her dress.she has been wearing the cloth diapers and plastic pants quite often since then and told me they make her feel cute and babyish at times! We live together in an apartment and i like it when she puts the diaper and plastic pants on and acts like a baby!

  • To poster above-Yes it is somewhat common for catholic teen girls to wear their Easter vigil baptism diaper and plastic pants under the first communion and confirmation dresses.I have heard of them wearing their diaper and plastic pants as junior bridemaids,bridesmaids,and flowergirls in weddings as well.After their baptisms,first communion and confirmation,their diaper,plastic pants and undershirt or camisole is put away with their white dresses.I know of three girls who wore their diaper and plastic pants under their wedding gowns when they were married in their early 20s!

  • OMG! i was baptized at Easter vigil when i was 16 and my parish was quite strict.All of the boys had to wear a white suit and tie while us girls had to be babies and had to wear the white,puffy,short sleeve,above the knees baptism dress with the matching bonnet,tee shirt,cloth diaper,rubberpants,[plastic pants] white lace ankle socks and the white shoes.My diaper was 10 plies thick and pinned on me with diaper pins and my rubberpants were adult size and fit me blousy and crinkled under my dress.All of the other preteen and teen girls had the crinkly rubberpants over their diaper and we were all considered "babies" for the day! My boyfriend couldnt believe how much like a baby girl i looked!

  • I am 20,and 4 years ago when i did my catholic confirmation,all of us girls had to wear white,ankle length,puffy dresses with a veil,camisole,cloth diaper,plastic pants,white tights and the white patent leather shoes.Me and my boyfriend now live together and every so often he has me put on my cloth diaper,plastic pants and tights and veil and get on my knees and give him a b*******! He gets very aroused when i do this and i usually wind up sucking him for a long time!

  • My girlfriend is 22.She was adopted from an orphange when she was 15 and her new parents put her into cloth diapers and plastic pants 24/7 right away because she would have wetting accidents during the day and at night.She wore the diapers and plastic pants for two years untill she was just past 17 when her accidents stopped,but she continued wearing them untill she was past 18 because she liked them! Now at 22,she still has some of her cloth diapers and plastic pants and wears them every so often to feel like a baby.it is a real turn on for me and i love seeing her wearing them!

  • My boyfriend is he same way. It took a while to adjust and a few things had to be arranged but my 25 yr old noyfriend Owen now lives full time as a baby and has for two years.

  • I doubt you will respond after this amount of time, but how are you and your boyfriend doing? Are you a hands on participant with Owen?

  • Hmmm my actual boyfriend has the same problem.... but it took him a year of him to be honest with me because he got caught by me with a p*** video in his phone of a girl doing pee wearing a diaper in the forest. I asked him many times that one day we were in the room doing things and he from the no where told me that he would love to see me wearing adiaper I was surprised of course because it was new but then he made it comfortable for me to accept it and I did. I asked him to bring of them to my room and his face turned red, I knew he would be feeling ashamed but I was serious. After couple days I got my period and guess what ? I wore a diaper and it turned him on that since that moment every time I have time to do it for him I do it because I love him. BTW we been 3 amazing years together. When you really love someone you accept all kind of stuff from them. I love him and trust me it was hard for me in the beginning but thinking about it. He being more open with me made me love him more. We are all different.
    Sorry my English might not be best

  • I'm a man. If I was going to be in a relationship, it would be with a man like you. So I can't speak for girls. I'm not a perve. But if you're a high-earning business owner with a home who gives to charity and likes to pee himself, I sense that you're an kind, open-minded and good value person and I would be all over you. Just sayin. I probably couldn't be bothered treating you like an infant but if you wanted to lay next to me in a nappy, I'd think... well... that's all good.

  • You are so kind as to say that. As it turns out, I'm now married to my wife and mommy and we are very happy. We are also open relationship so I can get all the extras that my wife can't provide such as bisexual experience. If you are in the ny area I would love to be friends.

  • My boyfriend likes diapers. It's very hard for me to understand but I'm trying. There is definitely hope for your relationship (I don't know if you've told her yet). If she loves you and is an open minded person she will try to understand

  • Seems like ur nice guy but u cant take what other girls woulddo as what your gf would do beceuse everyone is different... myself if I loved the guy I would be caring and understanding and non judgementsl but its not something I could get into and I may just want to be friends and find a more compatable s** partner but who knows maybe she could get into it everyone is differrnt

  • You are the reason they invented prostitutes. Don't tell your woman. Instead, watch the season 4 episode of "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" where she deals with a man with an infantalism fantasy.

  • That is an awful thing to say. Cheating is wrong. Even if the girl is not having s** with me that would still be cheating. I never cheat. Plus I have female friends that would be happy to diaper me but I'm not interested. I want it from the woman I love. No other.

  • Personally I would find it too freaking weird. Sorry. Would it make me run from you ? Very possibly.

  • A fair answer. Some people. Maybe the majority would after all

  • Ok so now maybe from someone a little nicer? Btw. I am not a loser. I own a business. Earn plenty of money. Drive a nice car. Own a home. Give to charity. And I am kind to others. So as far as my being a loser, that's a solid no. Anyway, anyone consider staying and showing understanding to a guy like me if it was your boyfriend.

  • After throwing up, I would never see the loser again!

  • Change my diaper, mommie

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